This is MY fight song 

I love Monday and Tuesday’s evenings because I dedicate those nights for myself. I believe it’s important to have “you time” it allows you the opportunity to start your week feeling refreshed and more clear minded. 

I recently bought a t-shirt with lyrics on it from one of my recent favorite, inspiring songs. “This is my fight song.” I believe everyone has their own fight song and I’m about to share what mine is right now for my life.

A lot of you may know my story. I have been dealing with depression, anxiety and lack of self-worth most of my life. I’m thankful I have chosen not to let these things rule my life. Doesn’t mean it isn’t still extremely difficult at times. It’s the fact that I haven’t given up and I’m not about to! I’ve come to a place where I’m finally ready to heal from those things and take whatever nessicary steps I need to take to get better! 

I believe that it’s not only beneficial for me to strive towards that goal but also benficial for the lives I believe I will be able to reach out to and witness to someday soon! I also believe that once we are at a place of healing we will notice better, stronger relationships with the important people in our lives. It is important to continue to work on yourself daily and allow yourself to grow and I believe that will help strengthen you in many areas of your life! 

I would like to leave with you some things that I’ve been doing to help me grow. I love playing music in my room while writing; for me that’s worship music or any kind of calm music that brings a relaxing atmosphere. I spend that time learning more about myself and seeking God 🙂 I also enjoy reading. One of the books I’m reading right now is “Beauty for ashes: on receiving emotional healing” by Joyce Meyer. If there’s areas in your life you want to work on and like to read too I enourage you to look for books on whatever that looks like in your life. Journaling has been therapeutic over the years. It gives you a chance to express how you’re feelings and help release some of those feelings sometimes. I encourage you to try these things if any of them appeal to you 🙂 

What is your fight song? I’m continuing to fight for freedom, peace, and joy in my life!  



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