I’m really excited about this challenge. Usually I would dread something like this because who really wants to stay off media for week and miss out what’s going on in the social media world???

Lately I’ve noticed something about myself. I don’t believe media is a bad thing. It’s nice to stay connected with friends and family especially if there’s distance between you. I’ve started to become concerned with it because I’ve noticed most of my day consists of scrolling on Facebook, Instagram,or Pinterest. Sometimes all of them. 

I feel like I’ve become disconnected. Disconnected with myself, even with my family and friends whenever I’m with them. I’ve not only felt disconnected in those ways, I’ve also felt disconnected from God. That one concerns me the most. 

I’m dedicating this next week to God and myself. I want to spend this time reconnecting so when I come out of this I will feel more refreshed and able to give more of myself. 

I’m planning on sharing a post when I’ve finished the week!

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