Last week I cut out social media for the week to focus on myself and reflect on where I’m at right now and the things I need and want in my life. I learned a lot even just within that week.

Sometimes we can get so busy with life we forget to stop and reflect on where we are at. We aren’t present. I felt like I was at a point where I wasn’t present anymore with myself and I began to feel lost. 

Most of my week consisted of alone time. I spent that time writing in my journal again and looking back on some of the things I wrote there before which was encouraging. I found myself more in tune (felt close) with God in my alone time and because of that I feel more connected to Him again. I also started to read a new Joyce Meyer book called the Confident Woman because I know that’s one area of my life I want to work on. I started working out again which for me helps keep me motivated, I get more energy for the day after a good work out. I was able to spend great quality time with family and friends not having my phone in front of me. I felt a better connection with them and more in tune to our conversations. 

I focused a lot on things that I believe will help me move forward. Even though my week of fasting media has been over I plan to keep up with more nights like these. I also plan on turning my phone off for these moments so I can be present and in the moment. 

I believe that sometimes we just need to disconnected to reconnect. 


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