5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety 

Anxiety is a feeling that is hard to control sometimes. I want to share with you 5 ways that have help me reduce anxiety whenever I’m feeling anxious. 
1. Recognize the anxiety-

I know for myself whenever I start to feel anxious, I first recognize the feeling. You know your body best; for me when I feel anxiety coming on my heart usually races. That is one of the first signs I get. 
2. Breathe- 

Take a few deep breaths. This sends signals to the brain that it’s ok for your body to relax.
3. Focus on where you’re at right now- This can help you be more in control of the anxiety. 
4. Positive self-talk-

I sometimes have to say this phrase a few times a day: “It’s ok, this is a feeling that WILL pass.” After awhile your brain will recognize what you’re saying and this could be a comfort strategy to use. 
5. Take yourself to a ‘comfort place’-

I was introduced to this technique by a professional that has really helped get me out of an anxious state. 

-You first close your eyes. Take a couple deep breaths. 

-Picture something that brings comfort and/or joy to you, and focus on that. It could be a place, person or thing. For me, I love the outdoors so I take myself to a moment where I was back to a spot I’ve visited and thought about all the beauty I was surrounded by, almost like I’m there! I stay there for at least 30 secs. By that time I feel more at peace.

-I then take a few more deeps breathes and open my eyes. 
There’s a few other factors that we sometimes don’t think about. A big one is our diets. If we aren’t eating foods our body needs to thrive it’ll send our hormones out of whack which causes things such as anxiety and depression. 

I changed my diet and cut out gluten, sugars (which is another huge factor of anxiety) and dairy. 

Being off of these things I’ve been feeling a lot better. I have less anxiety, stress and I’m able to think more clearer! 

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