The Start of Something Beautiful 

The start of something beautiful
A friend of mine recently reminded me that: “God already knows the outcome of our lives, He wants us to focus on the journey.” These words have been resonating in my heart. We need to put our trust in that and believe that as long as we are giving each day our all and our best, that God will take care of the rest! He already has. If we already knew what our whole lives looked like we would miss out on all the life lessons that shape us into who we are. 
Something amazing happened to me just recently. There’s a book that was introduced to me a few years ago but didn’t interest me at the time. Just the other day this book stood out to my partner and he suggested it to me. I was blown away because I recognized that book and my heart started to race. That’s when I know my Spirit is telling me something. I knew I needed to get this book. The book is called Captivating by Stasi Eldredge. A book to help women unveil and awaken the desires of our hearts that God has put there. I’m looking forward to sharing with you all I get out of this book! My heart is so excited because I’ve been looking for ways to discover more of who I am as a woman of God and I believe that spending more time with God and reading this book that these things will help launch me into that. 
 I wrote in my journal recently all the things I see coming to life in my life and wanted to encourage you with them.

I’ve chosen to go after the strong, compassionate, courageous woman of God that I am this year and I will continue to be those things for the rest of my life, constantly growing in those areas. I’ve chosen to live in the present and enjoy every minute of my life, even the hardships because I know behind every hardship is something beautiful-we just don’t see it right away. I’ve chosen to accept the journey. I’ve chosen to live in the present and enjoy every minute of my life and give the best I can every day to the best of my ability. 
What do you want for your life? What are the desires of your hearts? I encourage you to take a look at what they are and go after them! Don’t hold back. God has some amazing things in store for your life. Each one of us has an exciting mission here on earth! 
Enjoy and embrace the journey!!


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