One year later: Flight 624; A letter on journey and hope

One year ago today I was on Air Canada’s flight 624 that crash landed in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

One year later I’m still as thankful as I was that day. I could’ve very easily let myself live in fear from that moment and never heal but I didn’t. I love to travel and I didn’t want the fear of flying to stop me so a few months later I went back on a plane and I’m glad I did because even though I went into it scared I came out of it feeling less afraid to fly. Everyone’s healing process is different. For some people the hard journey of recovering is still happening and I don’t look down on that. In fact, moms journey looked different then mine. I couldn’t understand why I didn’t feel the way she did. She explained me that she took on the role of the protector leaving her more vulnerable psychologically. With the help of her family and Doctor she took steps to improve her situation. She also choose not to live in fear. She has family and grand babies to see! 

What now? Well I believe that each one of us in a way have a second chance. I wasn’t happy where I was in life at that time and I believe the crash was a huge wake up call for me. I look at all the things I’ve wanted to accomplish in life and I’ve already gotten a few checked off my list!

I’m not trying to sound like this journey was easy, I hope you heard my heart here. It’s been more of a wake up call for me and for all its worth just thought I would pass this along to anyone who needs encouragement 🙂 

I hope that the families from that day have found or will find comfort. 

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