BoGo bras (Buy one, Give one) is an organization I stand behind and am very passionate about.

Whenever you purchase a sports bra and/or t-shirt BoGo donates a brand new bra to women coming out of sex trafficking. You can also send any bras that are new or gently used back to BoGo Bras! These bras are used as inventory for the women to start their own business selling bras in order to provide for themselves and their families.

When I found out about BoGo I felt drawn to it because one of my passions is to help people, specifically women. What a joy it is to know that not only did they get rescued but they have a chance to live again and be free and be reunited with their families again! Wouldn’t you want to know you were a part of that? My heart feels full thinking about that.

You can join the movement too! Check out the website: